Privacy Notice

Version 1.2

I am committed to protecting any personal data you entrust to me and to following all relevant data protection legislation. I hold your data so that I can effectively provide you with the service you have registered with me for. Under the General Data Protection Regulations, I am a “data controller” as I collect and use personal data. I also use “data processors” to handle some of the data. This privacy notice explains how I process and use the personal data you give me.

How do I use your data?

Your personal details will only be used for the purpose for which you have given them.

If you register for a course, workshop, day retreat or one-to-one sessions, you will only be contacted with information that you need about that particular service.

Similarly, in signing up to the mailing list you will only receive notifications of new services added to the website and occasional offers available and will not receive blog posts and vice versa.

Will I ever share your data?

Personal information shared with me will not be disclosed to third parties without your explicit and informed written consent (unless there are exceptional circumstances which are outlined below).

If you register for an event I am hosting in collaboration with a fellow professional then your data would be shared with that person in order to provide an effective service to you. It will always be clear on the website and in any publicity if an event is being co-hosted and who the other individual is. You may withhold permission for me to share information with this person by stating this on your booking form or by contacting me but this may affect our ability to provide the best possible service to you.

I will comply with all legal requirements on personal data.

Where do I store personal data and how is it protected?

To provide an effective service, if you are attending a course or one-to-one appointments with me I will keep electronic notes relating to the sessions on a password-protected i-Pad that only I have access to. This will not have any personally identifiable information on. Notes are filed using a client numbering system and are stored entirely separately from names and contact details.

Hard copies of signed counselling contracts will be kept in a lockable filing case that only I have access to.

I use PayPal for online payments. You can read their privacy policy here.

I use Mail Chimp to contact people who have signed up to receive my newsletter. The only information held here is the email address you enter to sign up and you can unsubscribe at any time using the link in the email or by contacting me. You can read their privacy policy here.

I use WordPress for booking forms and blog post mailings. You can unsubscribe from receiving blog posts at any time using the link in the email or by contacting me. You can read their privacy policy here.

I use Googlemail for email. You can read their privacy policy here.

How long do I keep data?

I keep personal data for the minimum amount of time necessary.

Data will be deleted five years after our last contact unless there is a need to hold it for longer.

I will delete data about an individual on request from that person, unless it is necessary to retain it for legal reasons.

Your rights

You have the right to:

·         Ask to see any data I hold about you and correct any inaccuracies

·         Object to particular data uses

·         Ask for the transfer of your data electronically to a third party

You can request these rights by contacting me. You can also contact me if you have any questions or concerns about my processing of your personal data. You have the right to make a complaint to the Information Commissioner’s Office.

Further Information

This privacy notice will be reviewed regularly and any changes updated here.

The original Version 1.1 was finalised on 24th May 2018.

It was last revised to Version 1.2 on 12th August 2019.

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