Counselling for Anxiety in Exeter and Newton Abbot

I offer counselling for anxiety in Exeter city centre, Newton Abbot and via online sessions.

Anxiety can take various forms. Maybe you find yourself worrying most of the time, having “what if…?” thoughts about the future, and worrying about the fact you are worrying. Or perhaps you experience fear of judgement in social situations, feel nervous before such occasions and spend a long time thinking over conversations afterwards. You might blush, shake, avoid eye contact or feel at a loss as to what to say when interacting with others. Understandably you may avoid objects or situations which bring on anxiety, but this might be restricting your life. Or you may do extra things to try to ease your anxiety in certain situations, which might take up a lot of your time. Continue reading for information on the counselling I provide for anxiety in Exeter and Newton Abbot.

How can counselling help with anxiety?

Counselling can help you to understand where the anxiety has come from. It could give you ways to step out of worrying and work with the physical sensations of anxiety. It can also help you to start doing things you have been avoiding again.

What would counselling for anxiety involve?

Counselling gives you the opportunity to explore the origins of anxiety as well as looking at ways to feel more grounded, move away from anxious thinking and approach situations you may have been avoiding. As mentioned above, anxiety can take different forms for different people. Therefore, the way we might work together would vary depending on how you experience anxiety. We would usually spend some time discussing what triggers anxiety for you and how it affects you. Then we would start looking at ways you can live life more fully and reduce the impact that anxiety has on you. If there was a specific incident in the past that caused the onset of the anxiety, we can give space to exploring that too, to lessen the effect it has on you in the future.

For more general information on counselling with me, including fees, please see here.

Next steps if you would like to arrange counselling in Exeter or Newton Abbot with me

If you are experiencing anxiety and think it would be helpful to talk through with me how I might be able to help you, please contact me or book an initial free consultation through this website. Sessions are available in Exeter, Newton Abbot or online.

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