Counselling for Grief and Loss in Exeter and Newton Abbot

I offer counselling for grief and loss in Exeter city centre, Newton Abbot and via online sessions.

Sadly all of us experience grief and loss multiple times in our lives. As Hilary Stanton Zunin said “The risk of love is loss and the price of loss is grief”. Bereavement is often the first form of grief we think of, but other forms of loss might cause similar feelings such as loss of a relationship, loss of a friendship, children moving out of the family home, loss of a job, retirement and loss of health. The death of a pet can also sometimes be very significant. The way we each experience grief will be unique and will depend on a number of factors. It might also be very different each time we experience it. Many feelings can be involved in the grieving process including shock, anger, sadness, loneliness, anxiety, guilt and regret. Below I detail the counselling I offer for grief in Exeter and Newton Abbot.

How can counselling help with grief and loss?

Counselling can help you to process your grief and explore the complex mix of feelings that might be showing up for you. Sharing the feelings often lightens them. Counselling can also enable you to start adapting to the loss and reengaging more fully with the rest of your life again.

What would counselling for grief and loss involve?

Counselling will give you a space in which you can talk freely about your bereavement or any other loss you have experienced. Particularly in the case of bereavement, it might be difficult to say what you are really thinking and feeling to those around you who are also going through their own grief for the person who has died. We would explore how the loss is affecting you and your relationship with the person. We will likely talk about your happy memories with this person, as well as the pain of their loss. We would also look at how you can adjust to the loss and open up to the rest of your life again.

For more general information on counselling with me, including fees, please see here.

Next steps if you would like to arrange counselling with me in Exeter or Newton Abbot

If you have experienced a bereavement or other loss and think it would be helpful to talk through with me how I might be able to help you, please contact me or book an initial free consultation through this website. Counselling sessions are available in Exeter, Newton Abbot or online.

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