Counselling for Depression in Exeter and Newton Abbot

I offer counselling for low mood and depression in Exeter city centre, Newton Abbot and via online sessions.

Depression can be excruciating. Perhaps you can’t stop crying, or maybe you can’t cry despite feeling like there’s so much to be upset about. Maybe you’re lying awake for hours at night unable to sleep, or sleeping too much but still feeling fatigued and low in energy. Perhaps you’ve lost any motivation to do anything and are feeling hopeless. Or maybe you are struggling to carry on with your usual daily activities but not experiencing any real interest in them or pleasure from doing them. It might be difficult to concentrate or make decisions. Feelings of worthlessness or excessive guilt may be present. Suicidal thoughts might come into your mind. Continue reading for information on the counselling I provide for depression in Exeter and Newton Abbot.

How can counselling help with depression?

Counselling will help you to understand what has caused you to feel so low in mood. It could give you ways to step out of negative thinking patterns and help you to re-engage in activities you used to enjoy. It can bring back a sense of meaning and purpose to life. It will help you to reconnect with yourself and others.

What would counselling for depression involve?

Counselling provides the opportunity to explore the roots of depression as well as looking at what you can do in the here and now to start alleviating it. As I explain further in my article The Complexity of Depression, individuals can experience depression quite differently from one another. Therefore, the way in which I work with depression varies between clients. For some clients there has been a significant triggering event which they need to talk through and process, for others focusing on what they can do in the present to re-engage more fully with their life and those around them again is more helpful. Often people find a combination of both beneficial. After you’ve told me how depression affects you and what you feel has contributed to it starting, we would discuss how counselling could be tailored to address these issues.

For more general information on counselling with me, including fees, please see here.

Next steps if you would like to arrange counselling with me in Exeter or Newton Abbot

If you are experiencing depression or are generally feeling down and think it would be helpful to talk through with me how I might be able to help you, please contact me or book an initial free consultation through this website. Sessions are available in Exeter, Newton Abbot or online.

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