Counselling for Low Self-Esteem and Confidence in Exeter and Newton Abbot

I provide counselling for low self-esteem and confidence in Exeter city centre, Newton Abbot and via online sessions.

Low self-esteem and low confidence frequently occur together. Low self-esteem also often links with low self-worth and self-criticism. Sometimes these are underlying factors in other difficulties, such as depression or social anxiety, and sometimes they are an independent issue. Some people will have had low self-esteem for as long as they can remember, and for others it developed as a result of a particular situation they were in. You might have thoughts that you are not good enough and lack belief in your own abilities. This might lead you to avoid doing things you would like to do, because you fear not being able to do them well enough. Below I explain the counselling I offer to improve low-esteem and confidence, which is available in Exeter and Newton Abbot.

How can counselling help with low self-esteem and confidence?

Counselling can help you to build, or re-build, your self-esteem and confidence. It can enable you to see your strengths more clearly and learn to be less harsh with yourself. Counselling can also develop your sense of self-worth and stop negative thoughts about yourself from holding you back from your aspirations.

What would counselling for low self-esteem and confidence involve?

Counselling for low self-esteem and confidence would involve exploring situations in which you lack confidence and the things you find difficult to accept about yourself. We would also talk about when these difficulties started for you and any factors that you think contributed.

As your counsellor, I could guide you through ways to step out of self-critical thoughts and develop self-compassion. There are also exercises we could do during appointments to foster self-acceptance. Another option is to explore strengths and look at how you might build on these further. Different approaches suit different people, so we would discuss at the start of therapy the various ways we could address the difficulties you are having with how you feel about yourself, and agree together the best path for you.

For more general information on counselling with me, including fees, please see here.

Next steps if you would like to arrange counselling with me in Exeter or Newton Abbot

If you are experiencing low self-esteem or a lack of confidence and think it would be helpful to talk through with me how I might be able to help you, please contact me or book an initial free consultation through this website. Counselling sessions are available in Exeter, Newton Abbot or online.

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